How To's: Hairstyling in Video

Came across this series of youtube videos and I find this particularly helpful. I'm trying to learn how to style my hair on my own and this is a great watch. I frequently attend parties and there are times I really had to run just to get my hair done and last time we were running late so I decided to learn things by my own to save time..

The video includes 
  • how to curl short hair; 
  • how to's on hair extension; 
  • make your own kelly clarkson hairstyle; 
  • fergie-inspired deep wave hairstyle;
  • jessica alba inspired hairstyle; 
  • soft wavy curls tutorial; 
  • before and after haircolor/haircut;
  • prom hairstyle; 
  • how to cut bangs;
  • aubrey's hair routine;
  • aubrey's hair products;
  • how to curl hair; 
  • hair routine;

video tutorial by: fafinettex3

How To

How To

How To

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