Isn't technology amazing?

IsnWith a little encouragement, my last bandage fell off yesterday morning. I am amazed at how small these incisions are! Even though I know precisely where they are in this picture, I still had to magnify it a great deal. Otherwise, I could not see them well enough to circle them for your viewing.

I’ve seen the scars on people who had shoulder surgery before arthroscopy. They are nasty, long marks. I am so grateful that I was able to hold out on surgery long enough to receive these little bitty incisions. Oh, thank You, Lord!

Pam and Janna, the PTs, were again pleased with my progress when I went in for my appointment Monday afternoon. I lack some strength and range of motion, especially on my side, but they say that I am doing well. I can’t do yard work yet, but I will be patient and follow what they tell me to do. I want this surgery to take!

I am so looking forward to a quiet, fully operational shoulder for the first time in 20 years. If I must endure looking at a less-than-optimal yard for awhile, then I must. The healing is worth that — and a lot more.


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