Just in Case PR Doesn’t Work Out…

Just in Case PR Doesn’t Work Out…When asked as a little girl what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would answer that I wanted to be an orange. Unfortunately for me, this incident is one of my mom’s favorite stories to share with my friends and family. I personally think that I got “favorite fruit” confused with “future occupation”, but yes– an orange is what I was destined to be. My mom adds that it was a difficult situation for her as a parent because my sister would always pipe in and ask if I really could be an orange, to which my mom would respond that we could be anything that we wanted to be. Luckily, my dreams of citrus fruit died out around the time that I hit preschool and my career goals became a little more practical, maybe with the exception of Miss America, but at least it was something that could anatomically happen.

I think that my first solid career goal was an interior designer, and this is still considered to be a dream career for me. Maybe not an immediate future career, but at least as something to do…someday.

After following the average college student scene and changing my major a thousand times (seven distinct majors, to be exact) I finally figured out that one thing I could see myself doing was Public Relations and Marketing. This is a career goal that is directly attainable and doesn’t require me to walk around on a stage in front of thousands in the “swim suit portion” of an event.

My college career path went a little something like this:

Fine arts — Fashion Design — Textiles/Merchandising — Architecture — Interior Design — Visual Communication — Strategic Communication.

One of the hardest things for me to realize was that I am not keen on forced creativity, meaning that if I had to bust out a layout that I didn’t really care for in the first place, I’d have a hard time doing that. Thus, my creativity is expended in terms of communication.

All of this major talk got me to thinking about if I wasn’t planning on going into PR, what other jobs would I enjoy doing? As you can probably gather from the way I do things around here at Mo-Ho.com, I am going to do a list.

Just in Case PR Doesn’t Work Out…

—Five other occupations I wouldn’t mind doing

1 Food Critic:

How grand it would be to spend your life as a food critic and being paid to eat food and write about it. Oh what a world it would be. Generally speaking, I’d love to do this. It would be great to have such a sophisticated palate that you can spot hints of this or pinches of that, and that sophistication requires a great amount of intelligence. I think the biggest downfall for me would be eating foods that make use of “creative ingredients” like suckling pig in the case of the secret ingredient on one episode of Iron Chef.

2 Professional Organizer:

I am one organized cookie. It is safe to say that I enjoy organizing, especially after you have completed a project and you know where everything is. There actually is such a thing as a professional organizer, but many of them are independent and have to go out and find their own messes to organize. Downfalls of this job: having to sort through  crap and possibly dealing with annoying clients.

3 Talk Show Host:

I have the gift of gab, believe it or not. I wouldn’t want to host a show like Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer, because that’s just not my thing. But! I think having Kelly Ripa’s job would be a pretty sweet gig. You get to talk to Regis in the morning, have a crew of people making you look splendid for the camera, and take advantage of some sweet promotional deals. I think the downfall to this job would be having to be happy every single morning, even on a bad day. But– if they were paying me as much as they do Ms. Ripa, I’d be the happiest son of a gun you’d ever see.

4 College Professor:

I would love to teach a college course for many reasons, but the main one being that it has to be intellectually stimulating to be able to educate young adults about something that could pave the way for their future career or at least provide them with knowledge on something that they didn’t formerly have before taking the course. The downfall of this career is that there isn’t one subject that I am so passionate about that I would be able to teach it for multiple years and still have interest in it. I guess if I had to pick one, it would be something specific like the evolution of women as sex symbols…could be interesting.

5 Indie Rock Singer:

I’ve always wanted to be a rock singer, but I think that most people would love to get that thrill of singing for a band in front of a crowd that is singing along to your songs. Indie rock would be the best genre for me because I wouldn’t have to be  overly scrutinized by the media (these bands often go under the radar) but in turn they have a pretty dedicated following. The downfall to this is the lifestyle and the dedication of time that it takes leading up to success. Small gigs, crappy pay, lots of crammed traveling… eh– that’s the part that balances out the glamor associated with the rock star life.

A couple of these dream jobs haven’t been forgotten, specifically the food critic– that is still something that I would love to do. But, in the mean time, I am still trucking along towards becoming a marketing or public relations professional and the journey so far has been exciting!

If you weren’t in your current career or working towards a particular profession, what other job would you enjoy having? What’s your dream job?

Here’s to holding onto our dreams and working hard to achieve our goals each and every day!


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