Kikay Corner for Practical Beauty Tips

One of my sites that are currently undergoing major makeovers is Kikay Corner is an online magazine that showcases product reviews, make up and fashion tips. Just about everything kikay, girly, pink and sassy.

Ever since this beauty and fashion blog was born in late 2007, I have always thought of sharing tips about my own journey to finding beauty products that work.  As a practical person, my inclination has always been towards the natural and as you would notice, most recommendations from my beauty blog, Kikay Corner would be more of the all natural ones.  

Kikay Corner recently launched its online store.  Its current focus as of this time is Organic Thanakha. Please visit Kikay Corner's online store for more details on the benefits of this wonder organic beauty product that comes from no less than thirty give year old tree bark.  The thirty year old marks its potency.  

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