Knockers and Knobs.

Knockers and Knobs.

I had to open a screen door to snap the pic of that knocker.

#1. WHY was this knocker behind a screen door? It was a nice screen door, but still.
#2. What dumb painter smeared paint all over THAT knocker?

Knockers and Knobs.

This is a nice knob and all, but with a knocker like that... The knob kinda gets lost.

Oh.....We were Here.

Knockers and Knobs.
Parts of the boxwood garden date back to the 1840's.
Knockers and Knobs.Knockers and Knobs.
This house was finished in 1916.
I know the guy in blue, however the man with the girl popped out from behind that bush right when I snapped this pic.


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