My Life: My Purse

My Favorite Purse (Brett gave it to me for my birthday last year!)I think it’s innate that women carry some of their most precious cargo in their purses. For this reason, it’s an understood fact that unless there is an initial invitation or request, a man should never venture into the depths of a woman’s purse. There are many reasons for this; first of all, I don’t know if a man would understand why there are certain things in the purse and two, you really never know what you’re going to find. Sort of playing off of that, when the females go out for lunch, we always play the ever-so-popular game titled, “Who has the most random item in their purse?” Some of the items are award-winning and are to be left to the knowledge of the Gals of the Round Table. Basically, I am here today to share with you the contents of my life, my purse. I’m not the type that carries around a suitcase everywhere I go– like the rest of the females in my family– but I do carry around a good chunk of important things and I’ll even tell you why!

Before we get started on this path of enlightenment and truth, I have to encourage all of you female friends/readers to carry on in this fashion– drop out the contents of your purse and tell us why you carry it around! It’s sort of therapeutic; it gives method to the madness.

If there’s one thing that I absolutely hate, it is having a purse that is adorable, but very difficult to get into and find things. I love big totes, but hate the feeling that I need one of those head lamps to navigate around and find what I need. Luckily, most of my larger totes have built in pockets on the lining to store the cell phone, iPod, etc. A beautiful addition to the oversized tote!

My Life via My Purse

An explanation as to why I carry 6 lbs around on my shoulder on a daily basis…

1 Phone:

I hate to admit to this, but I am one of those people that feels like I am walking outside in the nude if I don’t have my phone with me. Don’t misunderstand that bold statement; I’m not one of those cheap bimbos that has to be on the phone with anyway talking about something because I can’t find something else more productive to do with my time, I actually hate talking on the phone. But! It is the best way– sometimes the only way– to get a hold of me. Thus, the phone has to be with me.

2 Wallet:

Well, the wallet holds the essentials and thus– it is with me. I am partial to Parcel Loop wallets (as you will soon find out). I get loads of compliments on the ones that I have and their durable. Durability is an absolute must in a wallet for me! And cuteness…of course. You can browse through a whole assortment of the Parcel Loop wallets at Urban Outfitters and check out all of the other cute wallets while you’re there!

3 Cosmetic Pouch:

Another Parcel Loop item, this is something that has made my purse a lot more organized and is strictly reserved for cosmetics and medicine. Generally, I keep a bottle of Purell antibacterial liquid goodness, mainly because I come into contact with a lot of people during the day and it’s nice to have on hand– especially during flu season. I also carry my Benefit California Kissin’ which is a blue lip gloss with a mint taste that makes your lips shiny and makes your teeth appear to be white (Blue offsets yellow). There is also a travel size container of Tums, lip gloss, eye drops for contact users and tweezers.

4 Discount Cards and Coupon Pouch:

My former wallets were taking quite the beating from the collection of store discount cards that were accumulating in the side pouch. And then it occurred to me one day…why not just dedicate a little pouch to all of these cards and stop having to clean out my wallet? This is how the Discount Cards and Coupon Pouch came to be what it is today. Brett and I have a ridiculous amount of discount cards to stores and coupons. Because it’s so small, I always throw this into whatever bag I’m carrying around, but it’s especially important when we go on shopping trips–as you can imagine!

5 “Briefcase”:

I get some looks when I pull out this pouch shaped like little boy’s underpants, but really– I think it’s adorable and it’s a vintage classic of Parcel Loop (I’ve had it since high school). There was a period of time when these “brief” cases where quite popular and came in a variety of designs, but I liked this one best of all and it’s lasted me for awhile! This briefcase holds my toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. I am currently wearing Invisalign braces and I brush after every meal, snack, or beverage that stains teeth (like coffee). So! This little pouch carries all of my travel size dental needs.

6 iPod and Hoodie:

Like I said– pouches and compartments for everything, the iPod is included. My mom got the (RED) iPod for me for my birthday and I love it. It holds my awesome music and a portion of the proceeds went to the (RED) campaign– which is a fantastic organization. I keep my iPod in this bright pink, terry cloth iPod hoodie designed by C. Ronson. I checked at Fred Flare and while they still have a link to the hoodie, it’s unfortunately sold out. I’ve had this thing since high school and it’s gotten many compliments and remarks (uh huh) ever since.

7 Little Notebook:

I have an enormous stock pile of tiny notebooks that I carry with me everywhere. It’s great if you need to jot down the name of a wine, song, or even a “to do” list. Even though I have a drawer dedicated to the many little notebooks that I own, I am constantly buying new ones if I find some that are on sale– it’s a bad spending habit that I am trying very hard to break! Now that I haven’t had time and have started watching my funds, I am proud to say it seems as though the tiny notebook spending budget has ceased to exist and I won’t be buying a new one until I run out of what I have– which won’t happen for awhile…

And after double checking all of the contents, I can tell you that’s all I have in there! One thing that I am looking to buy is a cute, compact umbrella that I can shove in there for those iffy weather days. I have this fantastic umbrella from the Sharper Image that pops out and goes back in with the push of a button. It was one of those Christmas presents that I was faked the smile and “oh…thanks!” through and then came to realize it was a very practical and well-received gift after all!

I should also mention my purse has become a storage unit for things that Brett wants to bring out and about but can’t fit into his wallet– this includes sunglasses, books, etc.

Here’s to spilling the beans on what you carry around in that bag of yours and explaining the method to the madness!


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