The navy-blue-pink-polka-dot-shoe dress

Okay! Okay! Here's a photo of the dress I sewed so I would have something to wear with my navy blue pink polka dot shoes.

In the future I'll know better than to think I can get away with no photos of the actual garment *LOL*.

You decide for yourself, but after seeing the photos I agree with my husband's opinion. As you may recall, he pointed out that without a belt the dress is shapeless. (Extremely comfy, I might add, but shapeless.) Unless I plan on constantly posing in a contorted model stance whenever I wear the dress, I'll be adding a belt.

The navy-blue-pink-polka-dot-shoe dress
And in an effort to find other items of clothing to coordinate with the shoes, I purchased a navy blue/pink stripe knit from Gorgeous Fabrics. It arrived yesterday (thankfully all in one piece as the bottom of the box had been slit open. Guess someone wasn't interested in fabric - whew!). Stay tuned as this latest purchase is destined to become some type of knit top.The navy-blue-pink-polka-dot-shoe dress


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