Pregnancy Tip: The Billings Method

Pregnancy Tip: The Billings Method
Tips on increasing the odds of getting pregnant cannot be discussed without mentioning The Billings Method. Although in practice, the Billings Method or Billings Ovulation Method (BOM) is usually discussed to avoid pregnancy, it can also make way for the woman to recognize his reproductive make up and cycle and learn when her most fertile period is and when it is not. 

Either way, the Billings Method can be used to avoid conception or to increase the chance of getting pregnant. More information about this type of natural family planning will be found in  and

The image used above is also from the site mentioned.  I will personally look into this article and read more on this kind of family method.  It is possibly the most celebrated natural way of avoiding conception and now it can also be used to up your chance of getting pregnant.  

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