Racking Up the Years

Racking Up the YearsFirst of all– it’s been forever since I’ve been on here to ramble about whatever is going on in this crazy head of mine. I’ve been trying to keep up with everything in life, but sometimes I get overwhelmed and have to just throw up my hands and say, “Okay, it’s time for pajamas, the couch, and a movie.” Now that I feel rested up and rejuvenated after a couple of hours of complete and total vegging out– I am here to reflect on an event that happened this month. A big event, one of my favorite events of the year! It is….my birthday! Wahoo!!!

I’ve shared my love for birthdays on here a few times, but because I’m so enthusiastic about celebrating my life and the lives of others– I can just tell you again: I am a big fan of birthdays. I know that a lot of people are weirded out about getting older and while some aspects of aging are a bit annoying (mainly physical aspects), it’s exciting, too!

Every year, I always make “Birthday Goals” or observances in the number of my birth date, which is the 14th. These aren’t goals that deal with my birthday, but things to keep in mind about the upcoming age. So, to keep with tradition, here is my list of Birthday Goals to share with you all!

Overall Goals

In the tune of 14…

1 Take More Pictures:

This was actually one of my New Year’s Resolutions that I have slacked on…oops.

2 De-stress and Get Healthy:

Even though my life tends to have a lot of stress, I need to really work on managing it and I feel like adding more exercise into my life would be a great way to do this– while getting healthy in the process!

3 Update the House:

We’re actually moving in a couple of months, but I want to update some of the design aspects of our dining room and family room. Mainly, figuring out what “look” I want to go for and maybe saving up to buy a new entertainment center.

4 Learn to Speak Italian:

This seems random, but it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do! I know Spanish and a little bit of American Sign Language (ASL) and I just want to keep learning more and more.

5 Plan a Party:

I love planning parties…almost more than I like going to them. Eventually, I’d love to host a huge Halloween party for family and friends (extended included). But for now, I’m going to shoot for a “Cute Cook Out”.

6 Utilize the Three R’s:

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, m’loves. My mom is so wonderful at encouraging everyone to recycle and informing us about all of the benefits of the Three R’s and I think I’m going to be more environmentally conscious.

7 Read More:

I wish I had more time to read, really, I do. I’ve got a whole list of books that I want to crack open! I’m going to make a real effort to find the time to do so.

8 Find a Recipe:

I want to find a recipe that I’m just really spectacular at making. You know, that recipe that everyone always talks about and wants me to give them. I’m on a hunt for this!

9 Pay Off Some Bills:

Who doesn’t want to make this a goal? Yep, still working on it…

10 Write More Letters:

I am an avid supporter of writing letters and utilizing post marked mail services. I am also a fan of keeping in touch with everyone– so this is really a goal I can get excited about.

11 Take a Mini-Vacation:

I figure I have an entire year to get this one out of the way…but it’s been over three years since I’ve had a vacation!

12 Take Better Care of My Skin:

I don’t tan, but I do wear make-up and forget to wash it off before I go to bed. While this isn’t exactly a cardinal sin, it isn’t that great for your pores or your skin in general. My skin has been very kind to me, so I need to not slack in my duties in keeping it that way! I’m planning on going to my first annual dermatologist appointment to promote healthy skin!

13 Take Better Care of My Car:

I don’t want to be one of those individuals who make passengers take their shoes off before they get in, but…I should go beyond the routine oil changes and pay more attention to the overall performance of the bug.

14 Employ Vegging Out:

I always feel so guilty when I’m just vegging around the house, but I think it’s okay to do this every once in awhile. To give into indulgences and the occasional chocolate turtle fudge brownie. To watch a marathon of Law and Order on a Sunday. I will embrace these things– in moderation– and not feel bad about it!

I had a wonderful birthday and I am very excited for this year! :-)

Here’s to celebrating all of the moments of life, especially the ones that allow us to celebrate the individual!


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