RetroRama! Fashion Comes Full Circle

RetroRama returns May 21---this Thursday. The girls and I will be there once again decked out in our vintage finery. I will not be wearing my adorable Scottie dog dress (complete with pink pom-poms) as I have not had time to resew it to fit my smaller size.

Tomorrow I'll share my planned outfit with you so you can give me your feedback.

This year's event promises to be another fun-filled evening with tips for "old-school" entertaining, drink demonstrations, mid-century trivia, and of course my favorite---the fashion show.

This year the designer's focus expands from the 1950s to include inspiration taken from the 1920s through the 1960s.

Here's a sneak peek from one of the designers, Max Lohrbach. It was inspired by the glamour of 1920s travel.

RetroRama!  Fashion Comes Full CircleThe five designers are Calpurnia Peach, Ivan Idland, Max Lohrbach, Princess Warrior, and Sarah Holm. With such a wide range of eras to draw inspiration from, it should be quite an interesting fashion show.

And I still think they should invite us amateurs to design an outfit inspired by their collection. Perhaps its because I lack an interesting name like the designers above...

So ladies (and gents), will I see you Thursday?RetroRama!  Fashion Comes Full Circle

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