Scalded Skin Syndrome of Baby Cured by Negative Ion

I was pretty much a skeptic when I first saw this advertisement. It shows a baby who was born with a scalded skin syndrome and got healed after a few days. I am not part of the company but have tried their products. So far, so good. I love that one time I did not have to take Naproxen for my migraine but I guess I will have to try it out another time to check if it was not just chance.

My sister's operation scar that became infected after the operation, lasting over a month. She used the pad over the wound and a couple of weeks it became clear of infection and she is not in pain anymore. That is another fact. Previously, even walking around was very hard for her. Just a few personal observations. If anything of this innovation can be of any help to people's health, then I think by all means, it needs to get out so more people will benefit.

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