Stranded in a City

Stranded in a City

The little family find themselves delayed in a city that bristles with the energies of busy folk, that hovers steadily within the hum of life on the go and they are feeling … how shall I say; at times a little lost. Thankfully this is a city that conceals - quite wonderfully - pockets of green to escape to; meadows of buttercups and cowslips that stretch as far as the eye can see, forests of tall trees that creak in whirling winds, dreamy canals flanked by voluminous foliage where ducks nest peacefully. And I have seen the little family eating lunch in woodland clearings, or on a barge with friends waving good afternoon to fellow nomads and I’m sure that despite this unforeseen delay and their sometime feeling of ‘will we ever get on the road again?’ they are enjoying their time. Watching herons searching for supper, studying trees and flowers, doing cartwheels across the green (at this point the mother realised she is not quite as young as she once was) then tumbling to the floor to watch the sky create cloudy pictures just for them.

And of course they are finding great joy since moving into their new home, Elvis. Oh yes, they have definitely missed outdoor living and have been busy cleaning, fixing water pumps, resealing the bathroom (running water and a toilet!) and making their tiny space home and now, with all their books, pictures and belongings in place, they feel happy. The mother (she is a dreamer – that’s for sure) lies peacefully in the hours before dawn breaks. Eyes open she listens to the birds just outside her window and watches the blustery trees wave their shadows through the pink curtains (she is learning to love the curtains … slowly) and thinks: “this is the life is for me” and then she writes or reads and watches the rest of her slumbering family and feels thankful for her home, small as it may be. And then she listens to the world outside wake up, the hastily opened and slammed shut doors, the screeching cars and the heavy din of traffic that spills in through the window and she longs for the moment they can take to the roads again.

You see, right now they should be in Northern Spain but instead they are still on their (very very very kind) family’s drive wondering what the suited and booted neighbours must be thinking (thankfully they all think what we are doing is a good thing) and feeling as if Northern Spain and Portugal are a long, long way off and why? I hear you ask. A nasty tooth that has decided to kick up a stink and is now demanding treatment, that’s why. Oh well, at least this extended stay has allowed them to spend more time with the friends and family who they so miss when on their travels and it has also helped them to clarify that they do not want to stand in long queues where cashiers are unable to muster a hello and where buying butter is an all day affair. Not due to locals who want a chat or who offer to show them how to make said butter, but because there are too many people squished into shops that are just too big. In fact, the little family wonders how they survived for so long in a small Spanish village with one tiny shop and didn’t starve or worse, die from lack of choice in the cereal department.

I think it is safe to say that at this moment in time, city life is not for them (unless they could afford the house they found today in the middle of the surrounding woods … hmmmm) and instead they dream of hills and valleys and trees and endless sea … any will do … lose themselves in a beautiful film about Beatrix Potter (fabulous) and wait for the tooth appointment that will make things better and allow them to start the next part of their journey. Of course, the writer of this blog apologises for the lack of posts but she has simply been enjoying herself too much in the cleverly concealed green spaces of this city that was once home and writing in her notepad; thankfully not about herself, but about another girl whose life she finds unfolding slowly in her mind (yes, I’ve started the book!) and knitting a shawl to keep her warm on those chilly outdoor evenings.

Dear readers, please send positive vibes that our wheels might be rolling sooooooon and for my tooth, too … please!

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