"Meaner than Billy the Kid"

"Meaner than Billy the Kid"Hubby and I went on a trip in August 2007 that I had won in 2006. We stayed in Vail and Keystone, Colo., and we spent one evening of that trip at 4 Eagle Ranch above Wolcott, Colo. I finished that scrapbook Friday night. I’m not behind at all! HA!

As part of our visit to 4 Eagle, we received four coupons for old-fashioned looking pictures. Of course, we had to dress up as Pa and Ma Barker. Hubby asked for the Jim Beam bottle as a prop. Photographer had never thought of using that, so the liquid in that bottle is actually JB whiskey. Proprietors said they would save that bottle after it was emptied for photo props.

Hubby says I look “meaner than Billy the Kid” in this picture! You be the judge.
"Meaner than Billy the Kid"When I was working on the 4 Eagle pages in my book, I used Western embellishments that I had gotten for another project. One of those embellishment packets had a rope (well, OK, a string) with a loop tied on one end. I just could not resist tying this rope around Billy’s neck.
"Meaner than Billy the Kid"
"Meaner than Billy the Kid"Since I am a confirmed recycler, I did my best not to buy lots of embellishments. Instead, I cannibalized many magazines and brochures we had picked up on our trip. Cutting information and embellishments from them saved me much money. I cut everything on this page from magazines — except the postcard. Recycling publications makes me feel so virtuous! I save money, make my page look good and diminish (a little bit) what goes into the landfill.

Mostly, I’m glad to have this project finished!

Billy the Kid’s picture comes from ChronicleoftheOldWest.com


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