Tips to Easily Cut Electricity Cost

Tips to Easily Cut Electricity Cost
Here are some bits and pieces of tips for those who would like to save electricity throughout the year. Whenever possible make sure to acquire programmable timers that you could use with your air conditioning units. This will dramatically lower your electricity cost, than if you were to use the air conditioning unit without one. This is what we have been using for many years and it easily cuts our electricity cost by half.

Filters of air conditioning units need to be replaced every so often. Make sure to get a qualified technician or one of those Birmingham HVAC experts to check if the filters of your units are due to be replaced. Duct tape can also come in handy for those leaks around ducts and pipes, even just a temporary one. You could also close the vents inside rooms that are not usually used to save electricity. Install ceiling fans in various parts of the room in the house. Make sure to have your units serviced at least every year for maintenance check. 

Whenever you can, open all windows and turn off the air conditioner and place electric fans all over the house to allow the natural air to flow freely inside your house.

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