Celebrating ~ A 3-Day Weekend

It's been a long week.  Most have been of late and, although I had a change of plan yesterday, there was still much to accomplish before I could detach and relax for 3 consecutive days. 

I recall realizing a couple of decades ago that the longest stretch in the year between U.S. holidays is from Presidents Day in February to Memorial Day in May.  I suppose spring break, Easter, and Passover could count, but they are not deemed official bank holidays and the timing varies each year, so there really is no official break.  In any case, I'm welcoming the break.

I'm also planning to take several days of vacation over the next few weeks and I'll look forward to that time, too.  For now, I'm enjoying the prospect of 3 full days with very few commitments.  My family are nearby and the weekend will be as fun and as restful as I want it to be.  What could be better?

Celebrating ~ A 3-Day Weekend     


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