Corgi Rally

These are the pictures from the APDT Rally Trial a couple of weeks ago. (Easter weekend, in fact!) These are all from Level 1, which is why there is a leash. I was dissapointed (and so were several others) that the photographer didn't get any pictures of my other runs. But he was busy with the portrait set-up almost the whole day.
Corgi RallyHere we are doing a 360 degree circle to the right.
Corgi RallyThis is right after coming out the cirlce right and continuing on straight at a normal pace.
Corgi RallyHere Sully has come in to front position and I am just about to give him the finish left command with my right hand.
Corgi RallyAnd here is Sully's portrait. This is the best of the bunch and even it isn't very good. Sully is a hard dog to take pictures of because he gets nervous and this guy had the dogs sit up on a podium, which Sully did not like at all. See his worried eyes and Yoda ears? He's showing off his pretty Easter collar though.


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