Health Tip: Oil Pulling Therapy

The theory behind the oil pulling therapy is all disease starts in the mouth. This is one of the things I have been looking into lately.

Oil pulling therapy involves the usage of virgin coconut oil to magnetize undesirable bacteria, viruses inside the mouth and the oil supposedly pulls all those bad elements out. I have read quite a number of testimonials on this therapy. And the good thing about it is there is really no product involved, so I couldn't really say that this belief is trying to market anything. Yes, there is VCO to be used. But virgin coconut oil is fairly easy to pick out from any store, right?

A fellow homeschooler attests to getting her periodontal gum disease cured because of this therapy. Here is her story: 

I believe in Dr. Fife's theory behind the therapy which uses virgin coconut oil in the mouth to magnetize undesirable bacteria, viruses, etc. I've been doing oil pulling since early March 2009, once or twice daily, and my mouth and teeth feel very clean after. I went to the dentist last March 23, 2009 because of periodontal gum disease, had a panoramic x-ray of all my teeth, and the dentist said I need gum surgery all over, coz my condition is close to stage 4. On my 4th & 5th visit last April 28 & May 7, my dentist says my gums have improved a lot and I don't need surgery anymore. Thanks to oil pulling and to my creator, the Lord God, Yahweh, who made coconuts for our benefit.

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