Introducing New Tunes to Old Jams

Introducing New Tunes to Old JamsSo here’s the thing: I really, really wanted to try to pick a great selection of songs that were perfect for the Spring, but I just couldn’t get them together. It’s not just pulling a bunch of songs that I like, it’s also making sure that they form a cohesive playlist and it was just too hard– I gave up. But! To make up for my inability to do a purely Spring playlist, I decided to go with something that I hinted at in my Current Kicks for May. I have been looking for new music within the indie world and I’m coming up short; it seems as though there’s a lull in the action in the indie rock scene and some new acts need to break out and not be so indie that people can have access to their music. I’m waiting for this to happen, but in the meantime, I have looked back into older music to find new inspiration.

Actually, considering all of the Godfathers of Indie Rock made me think about all of the great music that those bands made and I realized that I was lacking a good portion of this music on my iPod! So, to sort of spruce things up a little bit, I decided to combine some of the older gems with some newer songs that have a lot of the same sound as the older jams. If that makes sense…you’ll see in the playlist. :-)

Cohesion in a Blender

New Tunes with Old Jams

1There is a Light That Never Goes OutThe Smiths (1986)

The Smiths have made a big reappearance in my life, especially since Morrissey was just here and I missed the show– but let me tell you, tickets were so expensive! I love this song. This is a quintessential song for The Smiths and the sound is perfect and really sets the flow for the rest of the playlist.

2Little ThoughtsBloc Party (2004)

This is a great band that just released a new album that I haven’t heard much off of yet, but I am looking forward to it! This song has a great start to it with that melodic charm that the band has often been associated with and I think it’s a strong follow-up to The Smiths, which is a hard act to follow!

3Age of ConsentNew Order (1983)

I actually heard this song two weeks ago on the radio and called Brett to have him Google some of the lyrics to figure out what the song was. The lyrics I heard, “And I’m not the kind that likes to tell you, just what I want to do. I’m not the kind that needs to tell you, just what you want me to.” To my surprise and delight, this song came back with our lyrical search and it’s received a high play count on my iPod ever since. It’s one of those songs that I’ve heard many times before but never linked it all together, and here it is in the playlist.

4Red RabbitsThe Shins (2007)

This is a little bit of a detour from the rest of the songs, but there are elements of this song that work with the rest. It’s interesting to me because while the resemblance isn’t as noticeable as some of the other tracks on the playlist, it’s there– and it’s wonderful. This has to be one of my favorite songs from The Shins and it’s dreamy. I’d even go so far to say if you were only download one of the songs on this playlist– I’d recommend it to be this one!

5HeavenThe Psychedelic Furs (1984)

The Furs get a lot of play around here at and I’m actually (surprisingly) not even that huge of a fan of them! I think that they had a couple of really great songs and a couple of “eh’s” but all in all, they had a defining sound that John Hughes really brought out in his movies (which used a lot of their big tracks, namely, “Pretty in Pink” in the movie of the same name). This song is a good middle of the road song, it’s a good connector.

6Kim & JessieM83 (2008)

When I first heard this song, I was shocked to find out that it was just released in 2008 because it sounds like it was created back in the 80’s with all of the older songs on this list. But alas, it’s one of the newer ones and is a definite nod to the older style. The song is stated– it’s not overstated or understated so I guess it’s just, stated. The vocals are paled to give way to the airy music and keep it all cohesive without one overpowering the other. I really like this song, especially if I need music that doesn’t require too much thought and this is one of them. The video is definitely…different…

7Just Like HoneyJesus and the Mary Chain (1985)

Along with The Shins, this is the other song that I highly recommend any indie rock fan to download and love. This is a classic. I love how Sophia Coppola used it at the end of Lost in Translation, it just fits so perfectly. I heard this song on the radio a few weeks ago, had Brett Google the lyrics, and then had an “Ohhh yeaaaah” moment. It’s a great song and I love it dearly.

8Can’t Say NoThe Helio Sequence (2008)

If I had to pick a song that would work on a Springtime playlist, this would definitely be it. It’s one of those songs that is really easy to like and then once you hear it, you want to hear it again, mainly because it also easily gets stuck in your head. This is one of those Oregon bands that really, truly– rock. Seriously, great bands come out of Oregon. Check them out if you get a chance because they’re great and they deserve their spot on this list.

9Bring on the Dancing HorsesEcho and the Bunnymen (1985)

This is one of those songs that when people bring it up I go, “Oh! Great song!” And it’s the truth– this is a great song that continues on with the great sound that is present in all of the older jams that I have on here. I like to call it, “pretty music” because it’s airy and well, it’s just pretty sounding. You may be asking yourself, well…what’s ugly sounding? I don’t want to offend anyone, so I will keep that to myself. :-) Love this song– loveee it.

10Young Adult FrictionThe Pains of Being Pure at Heart (2009)

I really like this band, specifically this song which I first heard on Sirius Satellite Radio on the Indie channel. It’s another song that’s easy to like and sort of sticks with you after the first time that you’ve heard it, which seems to be somewhat of a theme with the songs on this list. They are a fun band and I’m anxious to hear a lot more from their self-titled record.

So there you have it– it’s no longer out with the old and in with the new, but in with the old to mingle with the new in an attempt to form one really kick ass playlist. I love this playlist, I actually have it on my iPod in that exact order so if you want to experience one of the many soundtracks of my day, there it is. :-)

Here’s to loving pretty music, no matter when it was made, and keeping the older jams in your playlist along with the new!



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