My Current Kicks for May!

My Current Kicks for May!Hello everyone! I hope that you’re all having a wonderful May filled with laughter, love and just overall greatness. As many of you know, I celebrated my birthday on the 14th and it was wonderful. The festivities aren’t over yet– I have some little individual parties that are being thrown in my honor (otherwise known as lunch with friends that got delayed due to busy schedules). I’m surprised at how nice the weather has been so far in May! It rained all day on my birthday, which I kept telling everyone is good luck, but other than that it’s been pretty nice. In case you were wondering– yes! Liam did give me a birthday card for my birthday (haha– we are such dorks. Brett found a birthday card with a picture of a Westie puppy on it and signed Liam’s name to it.) Now that half of the May celebrations are over, it’s a perfect time to share with you the items that I am kicking on this month and let me tell you– this was tough! I was introduced to so many new things this month that I’m sort of mildly obsessed with, so I will have to just pick out my favorites and go with it!

May is such a great month for so many reasons– lots to celebrate and beautiful weather. I’ve said it so many times before, but I love Spring– I get a little sad when the blossoms on the trees fall off and are replaced with leaves. Since we are around the halfway mark in this month, I should really get on top of things and accomplish some of the goals that I have, with the first being throwing a cute cookout.

Kick List: for May

1 English Toffee Caramel Apple from RMCF: $8.95Gourmet Caramel Apple From RMCF:

Oh my gosh– this is my absolute favorite place for caramel apples. The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is home to a slew of delectable chocolate treats and chocolate dipped everything (pretzels, strawberries, marshmallows, potato chips)– and they are also the place to go for a gourmet caramel apple. The apple featured to the right is an English Toffee Caramel Apple, a.k.a.: “heaven on a stick”. It is a Granny Smith apple covered with caramel, rolled in almonds and sweet toffee pieces and drizzled with chocolate. Mm… I’m lucky enough (or actually, it could be quite dangerous) to have one of these close to my house, but I saw that you can order things online! Check out their products:

2 My Current Kicks for May!North Market in Columbus:

This place is wonderful. Basically, the North Market is one big building that has “35 distinct markets in 1 big place“. It has many little shops for all types of food, flowers, wine, jewelry and much more. Every little turn is something different– and usually (in the case of food) delicious. You can pick up a Greek lunch at Firdous Express and then get an ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. They are on the outskirts of downtown and a lot of people walk over to the North Market for lunch (it gets a little packed in there during lunch hour, but is definitely worth it.) Do you have a North Market type place in your town? Check it out at:

3 David Bowie, TVotR, and Karen O of the YYY's ( “New” Music in “Old” Music:

Do you guys ever do that? I was trying to find some new music to put on my iPod and coincidentally, the new music that I found was made in the late 80’s/early 90’s, so it technically isn’t “new’– but it is to me! A lot of it I knew about,  but forgot all about– so it was sort of new all over again. I’m kicking this concept so much that I’m actually developing a playlist for a post about the cohesion of older songs with newer songs to make it sound like it’s all meant to go together. Mhm, I am looking forward to it!

4 My Current Kicks for May!Pitchmen on the Discovery Channel:

I know some people have said that they’re against this show– but I am all for it. Who knew that the life of a pitchman was so exciting or that Billy Mays actually has an interesting personality behind all of that yelling and pumping up strange products?! Well– now I know, and you can, too! I haven’t decided if I believe this portion of the show yet or not, but they actually do test these products out before they pitch them to get reviews on them. I’d hope that they would do this before they pumped it up so much, but it’s interesting to see what happens. Is anyone else out there bold enough to admit to watching this show? Yes, no? Check out the show’s information on the website:

You know, speaking of Pitchmen, my friend sent me this video last week that features a remix of the SlapChop ad that features Vince (also known as the ShamWow Guy) in what appears to be an old school rap video. The remixing is pretty funny, so you can watch it here! :-)

5 Mitchell's Ocean Club at Easton Towne CenterMitchell’s Ocean Club:

This place is phenomenal and has to be one of my favorite fine dining restaurants in Columbus, OH. Brett and I decided to celebrate my birthday by going to this gem of a restaurant and we had a wonderful time, way too much food, but it was delicious. I have recently developed a new saying that I am “drunk on food” and if that’s the case, I was “plastered” after this dinner! Everything about the dinner was phenomenal from the cocktails to the 10-layer Carrot Cake that I had for my birthday dessert. I’ve always had a fantastic experience when I’ve gone here and my birthday dinner was one of the best. And on top of the food being delicious and the service being perfect, the interior is gorgeous and makes me feel glamorous when I dine there. I can’t wait to go back! Check it out at:

I hope that you are all having a great month and having the opportunity to enjoy some of the Spring weather! Hopefully the weather behaves itself and gives us some nice spring days during the rest of the month. But! I’m okay with rain, too, just as long as it’s not a week of it– that gets annoying.

How is May going for you so far? Do you have any big plans for the rest of the month or for the summer?

Here’s to enjoying every single day and kickin’ on all of the fabulous things that make us happy!


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