A Schedule Interrupted

As I was leaving work last evening, I noticed the front right tire of my car appeared to be low.  Since I have not had luck with local service stations where I work, I decided to drive the 50-mile commute home and have my tires checked in my home town.  When I arrived home, all the service stations were closed, so I drove directly to one this morning before driving to work.  I was advised there is a slow leak in my right front tire because there is a nail in it, and it was recommended to me that I have the tire repaired today.

Before I even began to address the logistics involved in altering my plans for the day, I began to wonder how a nail got into my tire.  I drive only on paved roads in towns and on freeways.  I didn't spend much time on this enigma because I knew no answer would come to me.  Instead, I began to address the logistics of my day.

I called my favorite local tire center and was told the wait time was long this morning, so I needed to come in right after lunch.  I then spoke with my assistant at work and, with her help, covered my commitments for the day.  I then spent time this morning getting caught up on email and a few tasks that I want to have completed before the long weekend.  I'll be heading to the tire center soon, and will then return home to telecommute for another few hours.

I feel tremendously lucky that today's schedule, albeit interrupted, did not involve any other types of commitments.  And I have welcomed the quiet in which I can accomplish so much inside my home-sweet-home.  

A Schedule Interrupted 

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