A Word of Caution: You Don't Need to Purchase Books on Oil Pulling Therapy

After having discovered what oil pulling therapy is, I soon found out how people, even supposedly doctors are trying to make money out of such a rather simplistic detoxification method. It is so easy that people from all walks of life can afford to go through it and be healthy without having to shell out P750 for a book or even buy a supposedly specially formulated oil for oil pulling. You can read some oil pulling benefits here.

This is a warning, even as OilPulling.com warned its readers.  

BE CAUTIONED : Oil Pulling Therapy is a very simple process, Many people try to get a profit from filling their books with garbage and in the end what you would get is how to practice this process as explained in How to do Oil Pulling . There is nothing else you would learn more from those books. Pl. don't spend your valuable time and money in buying any book on oilpulling.

People of this age are wiser than you think. Why would people have to buy books, when the process is so easy? How hard is it to remember to put a tablespoon of sunflower oil or sesame oil or even virgin coconut oil (which is what I am using) in your mouth and make sure to swish it around your mouth for 15 to 20mins? Does it have to take a person to read a book to manage to do such a simple process? If you are after the benefits of this therapy, it is easy to go online ang just search for it yourself, right?

Just be careful not to buy anything book related to Oil Pulling, because there really is nothing in it that is already available online. 

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